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General Forum and Discussion Page

Hello! Welcome to the Forum and Discussion Page! Here is a platform where you can communicate directly with the admin team and raise any overall queries about the Wiki!


, 2017/02/26 06:48

Hello there! Welcome to the Owlcove Wiki!

This is the first wiki for A Level content in Singapore. It hopes to promote collaboration among students in studying for the common goal of A Levels, and is entirely set up and run by a team of student administrators. Any user can edit and suggest improvements to the content, and of course anyone can view this content for their own revision.

More specifically, this is the Wiki's Forum board, where you can post any queries, suggestions or feedback about the wiki. It's acceptable to go off topic or post dank memes, since this discussion board is, unlike the wiki pages, not solely for student revision. Of course, posting must be done in good faith, so trolling and spamming are not allowed.

Now that introductions are out of the way, let's talk a bit about future plans:

  • Recruiting editors, mods and admin With the initial release of this wiki, we're hoping to get a decent number of contributors. Active editors or lurkers, they'll all great. Just add to anything you think is missing whenever you want to. Mod and admin applications are open, and will be available to anyone who expresses interest in helping out in any capacity.
  • Full subject content The Admin team hopes to complete the most important topics of H1 General Paper by February 3 2017, followed by H2 Economics and H2 Biology by mid March-holidays. We've also created templates and rough guides to encourage any users to fill in empty topics and subjects. Of course, we're not experts in every subject (just most), so we welcome feedback by students on how to approach these subjects. Just find a link to whatever subject or topic you're looking for, and the plans will be there. We don't expect to fill in everything by CTs, but in the end, we will be more than ready by this year's A Levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will also serve to address Frequently Asked Questions, and the (hopefully) occasional bug report. Before asking questions about Wiki editing or navigation, check out New User Guide User Editing Guide

Known bugs and annoyances:

Edits not saving due to Internet Connection If you're editing the wiki and your internet connection is interrupted, your edits will NOT be saved by clicking saved. If you try to save it, the usual “no internet connection” message will appear on your browser. Therefore, make sure you have a stable internet connection while editing (especially if you're editing on school wifi).

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