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H1 General Paper (8807)

Hello there! This is the H1 General Paper A Level subject wiki!

While General Paper is believed to be quite random and unstructured, the topics in this wiki have been have a unique and well-tested structure.

To better understand the wiki, its structure and how you can apply it in an essay, we advise you to first read the Wiki Structure.

General Paper Wiki Structure

Otherwise, please feel free to jump right into an article!

New Page

Here you can add new pages to the wiki. Don't forget to organise them according to section and subsections!


Topics in the GP wiki follow some variation of the Roles or Viewpoints template. Different schools have different classifications, but this wiki is divided in many very distinct topics with distinct overarching themes, so it shouldn't be difficult to determine where a question belongs. Read this to find out more about classifying questions into topics.

Do note that this wiki is still in its building phase, so while more popular topics are fully completed, less popular topics are still being worked on, but should still be complete a week before J2 CT1. We classified all the topics below, by status of completion. Finished topics are basically 80%-90% done, Empty topics have only a tempalte to build on as of now and Soon-to-be-finished topics are being worked on by the Admin, and will be done by next weekend.
Finished topics Empty topics Soon-to-be finished topics
Media, Science, Technology, Sports Religion, Culture, History, Equality (Gender and Socioecomonic), Family, Arts, Mathematics, Environment, Conflict, Crime, Advertising, Language, Business Politics, Young and Old, Poverty, Education, Bioethics

Topics which use the Roles template: Media (Journalism, Science and Technology, Sports, Religion, Culture, History, Education, Language, Advertising, Mathematics

Topics which use a less rigid Roles template (i.e. no universally agreed role exists): Family, Young and Old, Arts

Topics which use the Viewpoints template: Poverty, Equality(Gender and Socioeconomic), Business, Environment, Crime, Conflict

Topics which combine both Templates: Politics, Bioethics

One topic belong to neither of these, and are largely just list down a bunch of arguments comparing different things. This is because the questions asked about it always asks for comparisons based on different metrics, instead of asking the student to describe any fundamental conflicts resulting from Roles or Viewpoints. This topic is Media (Old Vs New Media).

For Editors

For editors of the H1 General Paper Wiki, please take note of the following guidelines when it comes to editing the wiki.


For the sake of reliability and easy reference in case students would like to read up more, news articles or academic sources (essays, journals, studies) are preferred. Wikipedia is fine occasionally and if no other publicly accessible sources are available.

Published opinion pieces and editorials are allowed in representing others’ opinions, however such claims must be explicitly stated as opinions. If the claims referenced are backed up by a second, more trustworthy source, then just use that second source instead. “Firsthand accounts” by those with no formal experience publishing or writing such as blog posts, social media posts or videos are not encouraged unless the subject is directly relevant to or has sufficient qualifications to discuss the issues involved.

These guidelines are, of course, non-exclusive. The general principle is to just ensure that information is from reliable and accessible sources, which should not be a problem for PW students.


As a tool for academic use, this wiki shall, as far as possible, maintain a policy of neutrality on the issues discussed by representing multiple viewpoints and values systems. Taking sides and judgement is allowed, as General Paper remains a subject about discussing one’s own point of view. This does not, however, extend to censorship or outright dismissal of alternative points of view.

The Singaporean Context

Since a significant proportion of questions involve Singaporean society, this wiki shall try to occasionally demonstrate important concepts in a Singaporean context alongside a global context.


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