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H2 Biology

This article is a stub. If you would like to contribute, try starting by adding something at the end or expanding current descriptions.

This is the H2 Biology Wiki. H2 Biology teaches 4 core ideas in its curriculum, along with 2 extension topics.

  1. The Cell and Biomolecules of Life
  2. Genetics and Inheritance
  3. Energy and Equilibrium
  4. Biological Evolution.

II. Extension Topics. There are 2 Extension Topics:

  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. Impact of Climate Change on Animals and Plants.

The actual information in the H2 Biology wiki, much like the structure for most other subjects, is split into three rough categories. Every topic in Biology will be split in this manner.


The basics are hard facts, to be memorised either by definition or used in the context of an exam.

  • Terms+Definitions
  • Reactions
  • Explanations


Demos display the Basics in an exam context, to help with application during exams.

Exam Skills

Exam skills comprise practical skills

  • Practical skills


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