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H2 Economics (9757)

Hi there, this is the H2 Economics A Level Subject Wiki!

Economics can be a very content heavy subject, and sometimes the sheer amount of organisation and spamming can be overwhelming, but fear not! This wiki exists so that we can collaborate to organise that information and help each other as we prepare for the A Levels!

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Topics in H2 Economics are neatly divided into two components, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. These two components are very different in style, with people often saying that Microeconomic is more “rigid” and Macroeconomics more “flowy”. As a whole, Microeconomic questions tend to centre around the rigorous application of specific models and frameworks while Macroeconomics tends to allow for more flexibility around a central framework surrounding the “Macroeconomic Goals”.



This section is incomplete as of the moment, but I have uploaded a temporary mindmap covering all relevant upcoming content under the Introduction to Macroeconomics button.

Introduction to MacroeconomicsMacroeconomic Aims and Policies


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