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New User Guide

Hello everyone, this is a short guide to explain the different functions of the wiki and how you can access information and interact with the site.

Content and Navigation

Much of the site is text (obviously, since this is for the A Levels), so that should be pretty straightforward. However, for longer pages, information is organised under sections and subheadings, so you can use the Table of Contents at the start of every page to quickly skip ahead and find information you need.

Also, at the top and bottom of many content pages, you'll find a page-based navigation system that allows you to access the next page as well as the previous page. It looks something like this.

At the top right hand corner of the page, you'll find a search bar that you can use to search the wiki for specific content. The search options will first show pages with names matching your search, then it'll highlight where the term was used in different pages.


In the wiki, you can communicate with each other, the creators of the pages, and the admin through three main channels. Two are relevant for general readers. For users who don't wish to use the function, there's also an option to hide the comments window.

Forum and Discussion Page

This is a platform for you to give your comments about the wiki as a whole, raise queries about the way the wiki works, or to communicate with the admin team. The link to this is located between the “Subjects” section and “For New Users” section.

The page looks like this.

Comments Section

At the bottom of every single page in the wiki, there is a comments section. This feature is for you to give comments about the specific page, suggest content corrections, and for you to ask questions (so that your peers can help clarify your doubts!).


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